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Bhomika Network Pvt Ltd has been founded in the year 2014 in response to the global changes taking place, with a clear mandate to establish a standard of excellence offering the Internet Broadband Services and the Services based on Internet but not connected to PSTN Network or GSM to the Customers and Corporate offices.

Bhomika Network Pvt Ltd Awarded ISP (Unified License) in 2015 March from the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) and Started providing Internet service to the end user.

Bhomika Network Pvt Ltd is a company providing high-speed internet for residential and business customers. We are committed to continuous service improvement and enhancement. We offer more with greater bandwidth to meet the increasing demand for Internet.

Bhomika Network Pvt Ltd provide high-speed Internet . Our most important commitment is to our customers.


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Bhomika Network Pvt Ltd
UGF -12, Ambika Arcade , IT Xing
Lucknow -20 , Uttar Pradesh
Email : info@bhomika.co.in
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